Saturday, August 14, 2010

What Makes A Good Accpac Consultant?

ERP Consulting is currently one of the highest paid skills today. This is reflected in the strong demand for ERP consultants in the labor market. ERP consultancy requires not only a thorough understanding of networks, but also the actual experience of various applications. ACCPAC consultants are now in a world of different cities such as New York and London. certification exams in ERP consulting is also one of the most difficult certification, some with a success rate of 50%. This is because the ERP consultants who help to bring efficiency and cost savings for companies, which became a requirement to obtain a competitive advantage. What a good consultant ACCPAC? This is useful information for those who want to be consultants, or who want to hire them. ACCPAC Consulting can be defined at three levels: 1 Knowledge, 2 Experience, and 3 Adaptability. 1. Information is impossible to build the operating system without the knowledge of ACCPAC information and case studies of companies do it. ACCPAC consultant may only know the specific techniques the system is running, but they also have a broad knowledge of business processes. Therefore, people often say that ERP is a consultant, in addition to being an expert is a business analyst. 2. In addition, experience or knowledge of books, certification, experience in real consulting projects is always an important factor, which is good for ACCPAC consultant. Experience in implementing Accpac WMS, for example, can be very useful if you met it as a commercial and manufacturing. Many of the biggest lessons the computer does not come from what is taught, but what needs to be tested, or even different companies. 3. Adaptability Adaptability in this context can mean two different things. Adaptive capacity can mean the ability to deal with family and business processes can be translated into appropriate technical solution. May not be familiar with local generally accepted accounting procedures, for example, but should be able to run ACCPAC accounting software. Finally, adaptability, ability to adapt to situations of high stress .

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