Friday, August 13, 2010

Going The Extra Mile With Your ACCPAC

One of the most important sections of any company is its Accounting section. Although it might not be a revenue-generating center, it still is responsible for a whole myriad of related processes such as inventory management, monitoring of sales, and monitoring of expenditures and revenues. This is due to sensitivity of the information that they handle most of the company owners choose to automate their accounting systems, a task that is better left to the hands of expert Sage ACCPAC.
It is the need for a software suite that can be tailored to fit one, Äôs need with ACCPAC sent to be one of the leaders in the accounting software industry. Originally an independent solution provider, it was purchased by Sage PLC and became one of the latter, Äôs main line of end-to-end business applications.
It is often said that one of the outstanding features of ACCPAC application suite is customizable and scalable features. It allows the company to just get modules best suited for their needs. For some, however, ACCPAC, Äôs winning feature is the ability to not only get the modules you need but the ability to add more functions as your company grows.
Sage ACCPAC Solution really brings the software to a number of problems aside from the company's accounting automation. This includes customer relationship management, warehouse management systems, electronic data interchange, POS, and financial analysis.
Two of ACCPAC, Äôs solutions that companies engage in customer relationship should not be no s Sage CRM and Sage ACCPAC Insight. Sage ACCPAC CRM are comes with a full suite of applications aimed at helping you manage your client database with just one click of a button. It is user friendliness allows for seamless roll need not eat up much of your time. It allows for sales automation him as well as the marketing process and provides synchronization with MS Outlook and wireless PDAs.
Sage ACCPAC Insight, on the other hand, ACCPAC, Äôs response to the problem of business intelligence. It will be fully integrated with Sage ACCPAC ERP. It can provide multi-dimensional analysis as well as the integration of your sales and all other financial data without risking confidentiality issues.


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