Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Real Deal with Accpac ERP

Since the business world has caught up with the changing technology, the number of companies that buy software to help them manage their processes and procedures has increased. Not only do these companies have invested in the most current applications, they also began to learn what products are at the forefront of the software industry and should be approved, and software products is a total waste of time.
Take for example the Enterprise Resource Planning or better known as Accpac Accpac ERP. Accpac ERP is one of the most advanced applications of accounting based on a world-class architecture on several levels. This powerful system is ideal for SMEs and large enterprises. With this software, you do not have to worry about unnecessary features because it is fully customizable. You only need to select the features that are beneficial for your business.
The Accpac ERP is composed of various modules, each dedicated to a specific area of your business such as accounting, human resources, warehouse, manufacturing and service and maintenance. It is available in three versions depending on the size of your company - the Sage ACCPAC ERP 100, 200 and 500 ERP ACCPAC ACCPAC ERP.
A module that can complement your Accpac ERP ACCPAC CRM is a user-friendly system that allows you to centralize and automate your sales and marketing campaigns while providing the information necessary for a positive customer experience. ACCPAC CRM features for managing contacts, knowledge base, support call center, monitoring, management service agreements and reports.
The ACCPAC CRM also carries with it the ability to integrate synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and allow your sales staff on the ground access to information via your PDA. Otherwise, ACCPAC CRM also includes syncing offline which allows users to make better use of their time by allowing them to synchronize the data on which they work at a later time.
The Sage Accpac ERP is also available as ACCPAC Pro, a software solution for expanding businesses that are engaged in manufacturing and who need more support to their business processes.


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