Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finding Solutions To Your Sage ACCPAC Problems

If you own a small business and you use the accounting software solutions from Sage Accpac day so that you could find you in need some technical assistance. So where do you find help when your business depends on? Sage Accpac offers a slew of support options Accpac.
For users of Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite, Sage offers product training so you can maximize the full potential of your accounting software. Get certified and be able to go beyond the basics. To learn more and get more for your investment.
Like any software, it is important that the program is regularly updated. This is what the Sage Software Assurance. For a small monthly fee, Sage Accpac ensure that users get the software version updated to be able to get the most for their money. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness is the pressure of a button.
An online knowledge base at hand is also available for users of Sage Accpac. It basically all the archives Sage Accpac tutorials, and all error messages and fixes known corresponding to each. It also provides a way for users to send feedback to further improve the knowledge base of Sage Accpac.
It is always useful to be able to actually talk to someone about your problems with Sage Accpac. In this line, Sage Accpac certified professionals are ready to provide onsite training and offer consultancy services. There is also the Sage Accpac Online Community, which allows you to read about other users experience first-hand with Sage Accpac through their blogs, and discuss ideas and business solutions with other users via forums. You can even find the nearest of the Sage Accpac consultant in your area or to discuss with the experts online.
Phone support, of course, is always an option. Sage Accpac support can be reached at 1-800--253-1372 and-1-604-207-3601 if you live outside North America. They charge a fee per incident, even if the fee is waived if you are a subscriber Priority Support Software.
So if you use Sage Accpac Online or onsite version Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite, Sage Accpac support is a simple click or a phone call. After all, no problem is too big or too difficult when you work with the experts, right?


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