Friday, August 13, 2010

Six Accpac Software Solutions for Your Company

ACCPAC is a company known for software solutions specializing in accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise management. Their main customers are small and medium enterprises. What we have below are six of their best products.
Fixed Asset Management - This software solution gives you the ability to monitor and completely control the lifecycle of your assets. That includes everything related to acquisition to disposal. Through it, you can effectively manage and depreciation, all assets, save millions of dollars.
Human Resource Management - Now you no longer need to worry about the complexity of doing so that you can enjoy full respect for the law. This HRMS will do it for you. This is, of course, besides taking care salaries and helping employees with self-service functions. Since it is fully integrated with other ACCPAC systems, the information provided is accurate and current.
Business Intelligence and Reporting - Business Intelligence (BI) is among the hottest features of information technology today. After having set up the system means that not only get information but the information that counts. Reports generated with the help of BI is equivalent to having a fully automated assistant decision.
ACCPAC Pro - No solution accounting will give you full control of it ACCPAC Pro has ability to fully customize and also access to source code. And since it is written in Visual FoxPro, the probability of an employee or be able to hire a freelancer to tinker around with it is relatively high.
ACCPAC CRM - Customer Relationship Management software solution takes care of monitoring processes and organize your contacts current and potential customers. This will allow companies to ensure that everything to do with ensuring the satisfaction and loyalty is maintained by a system that has access to relevant information.
ACCPAC WMS - because this warehouse management software solution is tightly integrated with the ACCPAC accounting system, you can apply a more stringent, implement the most efficient and have better visibility into a single integrated environment. All processes such as multi-zone storage, end-of-line workflow, kitting, and many other advanced allocation will be fully automated.


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