Saturday, August 21, 2010

Automating The Papers

Of all the support groups in a society, is the accounting department, which usually involves a whole deal of paper work and record keeping. There is never a transaction that does not pass through the accounting department.

And 'because of the card assembly and the need for accuracy in detail that the software companies have created various soft ware accounting. Some of these applications basically work on the general ledger, accounts receivables and accounts payable. Other soft wares include additional modules such as inventory management and payroll processing.

A well chosen accounting software is intended to be a blessing for companies that do not have finances to allow the recruitment of additional manpower to handle accounting activities increasing. It also allows companies more control over the ins and outs of their business. Such software is the ACCPAC accounting software.

ACCPAC accounting software is one of many software applications in SAGE% u2019s long line of products for managing end-to-end business software. It offers companies a continuous automated accounting procedures and systems in minutes. It 'easy to use and do not need to eat your time trying to understand how each module. It uses a multi-tier architecture that makes it highly customizable. It 'so obvious that you can choose only the modules you would need for your company.

ACCPAC software is a web-based module that allows you to save the company from the need to purchase additional servers and offices thereof. It 'can handle general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivables, inventory control and order processing. It 'compatible with almost all operating systems and can be used in Windows 200 and XP environment.

Depending on the size of your company, you can choose between three different editions% u2013 the Sage ACCPAC ERP 500 to medium businesses enterprise-class, 200 Sage ACCPAC ERP for small and medium-sized and Sage ACCPAC 100 for small businesses . The ACCPAC 500 also supports multi-currency, U.S. and Canadian payroll processing and intercompany transactions. All modules are compatible with MS SQL Server 2000, Pervasive SQL, IBM DB2 and Oracle .


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